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Safeguarding Assets: Ensure that all devices are running as configured

octoplant Safeguarding Assets

Complete view of the plant and production

Data backup protects automated production and ensures that the correct version is always running. With version management, plant operators always have access to the current program and can see all changes. Different versions can be compared graphically and in tabular form. Backups are created automatically - saving time, reducing errors, and ensuring a reliable image of the production environment.

This not only works for newly built or retrofitted digital plants but can also be implemented for unnetworked or partially networked machinery and plants. Daily manual backups of project statuses can be replaced by automated backups. Users save time for value-added tasks and receive uniform workflows across all shifts. At the same time, due to transparent monitoring functions, everyone involved gains important insights into the status of the plant and the production. If something doesn't match, the necessary people will be informed about it via email triggers.

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68 percent of our users agree: Our software solution reduces manual work and increases efficiency!

*Source: AUVESY GmbH customer survey, survey period 2023, 162 respondents

Features of octoplant Safeguarding Assets

automatically back up assets
(Automatically) back up assets

Easily schedule upload, backup, and compare steps for each asset (jobs).

Trigger Jobs
Trigger jobs (e.g.: consistency checks)

Ensure consistency between approved and in-production configurations and stay informed of changes.

Compare Job Results
Compare job results and display job history

Quickly understand if and what changes were made, and how that compares to previous versions.

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What our customers say

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The AUVESY-MDT solution is a well-rounded tool that has helped us simplify our work immensely. Functions such as version compare are even better than the solutions offered by individual device manufacturers. This is what makes AUVESY-MDT so attractive!

Thomas Ruppmann, department of electrical design at Andreas Stihl AG & Co. KG
*) versiondog was the former software solution from AUVESY

Comprehensive protection of all device data in automated production

When using octoplant, all devices are backed up according to your  criteria (time, interval, etc.) so a new version of the job configuration is created within a few minutes. When differences between two versions are detected, users can be notified automatically with visual comparison of the differences.

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to set up a job?

You can set up a job quickly and easily using drag-and-drop, provided all of the information (IP, credentials) about the device is available.

Can jobs be set up automatically?

Our Easy Asset Integrator allows you to create a large number of components and set up jobs to go with them. Following a final check, these become active.

What does a graphical comparison of two versions look like?

A comparison between two versions can be displayed graphically in octoplant:

Is historical data (results, etc.) available so that I can track changes later?

A history of comparison results is created in the backups and historical data can be retrieved that way.

How can I be automatically informed about differences between two versions?

You can configure octoplant to notify any user or group of results by email once jobs have been executed

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