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Software for a smooth process in automation

Increase safety and reduce environmental hazards

Data management for the oil, gas and energy industry

Oil, gas and energy companies need to know the precise status of all equipment at every extraction site, whether it be in the middle of the desert or miles out to sea. Ever-present risks include loss of data and cyberattack. If either of these occur, the goal is to contain the effects and maintain complete control over all productive and administrative processes at all sites. Beyond that, it is essential that a system is in place to ensure the complete and accurate documentation required by ISDS and ISQM. octoplant is used by the oil, gas and energy industry all over the world: in refineries, at drilling facilities, at pumping stations and on pipeline operations.

Key Features

Dependable disaster recovery strategy

  • Save time thanks to automatic backups
  • Reduce or avoid downtime and ensure that supply contracts are fulfilled
  • Monitor safety-critical processes

Server synchronisation

  • Support for distributed architectures
  • Centralization of data availability
  • Standardization of processes
  • Control via remote access

Alarm function

  • Alarm function if desired values and parameters deviate from tolerance
  • Detect unauthorised changes and access
  • Fast response times in the event of malfunctions
  • Increase IT security and strengthen overall cybersecurity strategy

Audit Trail

  • Save time due to standardised documentation
  • Eases compliance with legal standards and requirements
  • Documentation support for audits

Why do so many companies in your industry use our products?

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Automatic backup of all projects

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Fast disaster recovery and increased security and less downtime

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Support in the implementation of legal standards as well as documentation for audit

Our customer Siemens Energy AS reports from the practice

Bild rund von Jan Petersen, Siemens Energy AS

The decision to bring in the data management solution from AUVESY-MDT was born out of a desire for comprehensive and uniform overview for all projects and versions in production and maintenance. We also wanted to unify all automation data for all user groups, including our over-seas-based technicians, into a single system. These expectations were fully met with the introduction of this software solution.

Jan Petersen, production engineer at Siemens Energy AS

Case Study

Discover what AUVESY-MDT can do for your business

Whitepaper: Prevent production downtime effectively by monitoring intelligently

Have you ever asked yourself one of these questions regarding your company’s production processes?

  • How can production management avoid disruptions in complex environments?
  • Which modern software solution functions help avoid or repair data loss, downtimes and misconfigurations in the shortest possible time?
  • How does central documentation of all systems and processes ensure faster induction and problem solving?
  • How can modern production plants be automatedmonitored, and protected?

If so, you should download our latest whitepaper.

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This free white paper is for plant managers facing the challenges of digital production processes.