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Software for a smooth process in automation

More safety, compliance and productivity

Data management for water, wastewater & utility industry

If the supply of a service such as water or electricity is interrupted, then in addition to serious economic impact, there can be severe disruption to daily life, both on an individual and a national level. Maintaining supply is heavily reliant on sophisticated IT control systems, both in large plants and remote areas. octoplant is in use worldwide to safeguard automated processes of supply facilities and infrastructure, to control risk of service disruption and safety hazards to employees.

Key Features

One single system to safeguard Industrial Control Systems (ICS)

  • Safeguard PLCs, HMI terminals, SCADA systems, drives, inverters and robot control programs of multiple manufacturers
  • Save time thanks to automatic backup and standardised documentation

Single backup strategy

  • Single backup strategy for networked and, thanks to the mobile BackupClient, non-networked equipment
  • Increase consistency and clarity
  • Centralise and harmonise data management for installations that are not yet networked
  • Manage secure ageing of automation equipment

Alarm function

  • Detect unauthorised changes and react quickly to disruptions
  • Increase IT security and strengthen overall cybersecurity strategy

Dependable disaster recovery strategy

  • Save time thanks to automatic backup via remote access
  • Reduce supply interruptions
  • Reduce or avoid downtime and ensure that supply contracts are fulfilled
  • Reduce liability claims

Why do so many companies in your industry use our products?

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Support in adhering to national legal requirements for critical infrastructure IT security (CRITIS)

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Reduction and prevention of system failures as well as fast disaster recovery and cornerstone of an effective cybersecurity strategy

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Safeguarding of industrial control systems (ICS), among other things, to secure the supply mission

Our customer Emschergenossenschaft reports from the practice

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In our daily business we appreciate the "Apple Effect": Maintenance personnel on-site can take one look at the data management solution from AUVESY-MDT and start using it straight away!

Ralf Hellmann, Head of Maintenance and Arnes Hadzic, PCS service technician at Emschergenossenschaft / Lippeverband

Case Study

Discover what AUVESY-MDT can do for your business

Whitepaper: Prevent production downtime effectively by monitoring intelligently

Have you ever asked yourself one of these questions regarding your company’s production processes?

  • How can production management avoid disruptions in complex environments?
  • Which modern software solution functions help avoid or repair data loss, downtimes and misconfigurations in the shortest possible time?
  • How does central documentation of all systems and processes ensure faster induction and problem solving?
  • How can modern production plants be automatedmonitored, and protected?

If so, you should download our latest whitepaper.

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This free white paper is for plant managers facing the challenges of digital production processes.