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Software for a smooth-running production

Reduce errors and downtime; protect users and assets

Data management for the consumer goods industry

AUVESY-MDT serves a wide range of customers, all with the need to track and manage changes in their automation environment involving a range of devices including PLC, CNC, robots, drives and more. We have customers managing thousands of automation devices per site, and some with only a few devices.

Using octoplant, any user of automated equipment can be confident that the intellectual property in your automation layer is protected across your enterprise, helping to avoid risk regardless of the environment and device type so that you can quickly recover from hardware failures, mistakes, sabotage and other hazards.

Why do so many companies in your industry use our products?

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End-to-end documentation of all manufacturing process and documentation for audits

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Early detection of changes and deviations ensures unchanged recipes for consistent product quality.

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Increased security and less downtime

Key features

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Version management

  • Ensuring the current released version
  • More security and control in the coordination of suppliers

Archive manager

  • Archive manager for long-term archiving of data
  • Automatic documentation of all project data for Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

Dependable disaster recovery strategy

  • Save time thanks to automatic backups
  • Reduce downtime and wastage and prevent costly product callbacks

Automatic backups

  • Centrally-controlled automatic backup of process control systems
  • Reduce costs by clearly organising and safeguarding data
  • Replace laborious and unreliable manual systems with automatic change documentation

Audit Trail

  • Save time due to standardised documentation
  • Documentation of even the smallest change to a project
  • Simplify auditing with change history at the click of a
  • Replace paper-based documentation systems
  • End-to-end documentation of all manufacturing process

Our customer Stihl reports from the practice

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The data management solution from AUVESY-MDT is a well-rounded tool that has helped us simplify our work immensely. Functions such as version compare are even better than the solutions offered by individual device manufacturers. This is what makes the software so attractive!

Thomas Ruppmann, department of electrical design at Andreas Stihl AG & Co. KG

Case Studies

Discover what AUVESY-MDT can do for your business

Whitepaper: Prevent production downtime effectively by monitoring intelligently

Have you ever asked yourself one of these questions regarding your company’s production processes?

  • How can production management avoid disruptions in complex environments?
  • Which modern software solution functions help avoid or repair data loss, downtimes and misconfigurations in the shortest possible time?
  • How does central documentation of all systems and processes ensure faster induction and problem solving?
  • How can modern production plants be automatedmonitored, and protected?

If so, you should download our latest whitepaper.

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This free white paper is for plant managers facing the challenges of digital production processes.