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Instant Recovery: Quickly restore the correct system configuration

octoplant Instant Recovery

Resume production within minutes in the event of an emergency

Instant Recovery reduces downtime and ensures the availability of all necessary and correct programs and data. In the event of an emergency, octoplant ensures that production systems can be reset to a previously functional version very quickly.

The recovery can be pattern-based or individual. This saves time because every hour of downtime costs companies a lot of money. Creating a version, i.e. the consistent logging of changes, makes an important contribution to troubleshooting and documentation. For fast disaster recovery, it is also important to be able to restore not only the last program, but also earlier system statuses, if necessary. For example, you can easily restore the last program that was running smoothly before the malfunction.

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85 percent of the customers agree with the statement that they save time thanks to versiondog.

Source: AUVESY GmbH customer survey, survey period 2021, 189 respondents

Features of octoplant Instant Recovery

Manage all backups

Manage all backups

Easily organize program backups to immediately see what the newest and correct version is.

Select and restore desired backup

Select and restore desired backup

Restore the asset to the version you need from the list of available backups.

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Achieve complete control over your production
environment and industrial automation.
Greater data consistency, security, safety, and reliability
with backups and version control.

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What our customers say

Portrait Hassan El Hadad von Tata Steel

With versiondog*, we always know the current status of our production plants. versiondog* makes our work easier, saves us time and gives us end-to-end clarity on what changes have been made. You can’t get better quality than that!

Hassan El Haddad from MAS Automation works as technical automation specialist at HTD, Tata Steel Europe
*) versiondog was the former software solution from AUVESY

Need a quick and easy restore at any time

When all devices are connected in octoplant, a backup is automatically created (according to your specifications). This means that in the event of a shutdown, you are always able to restore the correct backup to resume production at the push of a button. octoplant provides all the information you need to determine which version is correct.


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