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Using Software to Refine the Process of Steel Manufacture at Tata Steel

For those who want to produce steel economically in Europe, it is crucial to keep their equipment up to date, especially in a 24/7 operation. If a plant shutdown cannot be avoided, it must be resolved as quickly as possible. At Tata Steel in the Netherlands, the backup and version control software from AUVESY-MDT is seen as an effective solution to counteract rising production costs and unplanned downtime.

versiondog in steel production at TATA Steel

Initial Situation

Tata Steel is one of the most globally diversified steel producers with operations in 26 countries and sales offices in over 35 countries. Its production facilities are characterized by technological innovation and a comprehensive approach to life cycle costs. Modern, responsive maintenance is essential.

The decentralized business units in the Netherlands, each with its own product groups and production facilities, posed a challenge for data and version management. AUVESY-MDT played a decisive role in this context.

The Solution

After the introduction of the AUVESY-MDT solution, all units at the Dutch site were equipped with it. HTD (Hoogoven Technical Service), the internal service provider for equipment maintenance, quickly adopted the solution and implemented the software centrally in the network on a subscription basis.

At the Ijmuiden site, the AUVESY-MDT software solution is used on all production lines, with different units working flexibly with it. Hassan El Haddad, Automation Engineering Engineer at HTD, explains: "This is mainly because the production units are different. However, the fact that they all work with the software shows how flexible it can be used". In total, there are 18 units with 200 users and approximately 3,000 connected components. System administrators centrally monitor the backups, which are performed daily, weekly or monthly, depending on the plant.

With the solution from AUVESY-MDT, we always know the current status of our production plants. The software makes our work easier, saves us time and gives us end-to-end clarity on what changes have been made. You can't get better quality than that!

Hassan El Haddad from MAS Automation works as technical automation specialist at HTD, Tata Steel Europe
Monitoring production facilities at TATA Steel using documentation and comparison of versions

The Result

The AUVESY-MDT solution allows easy configuration and management of backup processes. Approximately 150 backups of sensitive equipment are performed daily. Newly installed machines are initially backed up at short intervals; if the machine proves reliable in daily operation, the intervals can be extended. The software logs every change to the equipment, eliminating the need for bureaucratic rules.

The solution offers high flexibility in terms of network security and access rights, which is particularly beneficial during organizational changes. External service providers have access to the system, as every change can be viewed and verified in detail with the solution. In the event of a disruption, the solution enables rapid recovery and restoration of the previous machine state.

The HTD emphasizes the importance of the software solution as a decisive factor. Tata Steel employees appreciate the comprehensive overview of the production facilities, the time savings, the detailed documentation of all changes and the version comparison. With a better understanding of the equipment, the software enables predictive maintenance and supports Industry 4.0 initiatives. Despite initial skepticism, the AUVESY-MDT solution has changed the work culture at Tata Steel. "We now approach problems and tasks differently. Colleagues see the opportunities that change brings, not just the risks. They appreciate the ease of work and the security that the solution provides. As a result, the software is not just a tool - it has become part of the maintenance culture," says El Haddad. Some people have been doing their jobs the same way for more than twenty years. Now they suddenly have completely different capabilities and priorities. It's a big change for them.

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