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Education & Training: Effective know-how and knowledge management for efficient use

Equip all employees with full operational knowledge of the plant and equipment

Companies can prepare individual production-specific training and pass it on to employees as part of an effective knowledge transfer. Through best practices in the form of videos and webcasts, octoplant ensures rapid education of new functions and support for the onboarding of new equipment.

Especially for productions and plants that operate in shifts and involve external service providers, it is often difficult to keep all employees at an optimal level of knowledge at all times. This is especially true for workflows that do not have to be completed on a daily basis. Thanks to octoplant, the job skills of all involved can be improved. This reduces queries and saves time during collaboration.

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For our users, product quality and user-friendliness are the decisive criteria when selecting our software solution.

*Source: AUVESY GmbH customer survey, survey period 2023, 162 respondents

Features of octoplant Education & Training

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Experience our E-learning platform

Ensure your teams are continuously trained with a comprehensive training library on-demand.

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Stay up to date

Take advantage of the comprehensive training library with webinars, short videos, and best practices on specific use cases.

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Join use case or product webinars

Provide your employees with information on new products, features, current trends and best practices.

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Receive supported product trainings

Effectively onboard your teams to make the best of your octoplant solution.

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Get to know octoplant and find out what makes our solution unique.

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What our customers say

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In our daily business we appreciate the "Apple Effect": Maintenance personnel on-site can take one look at the software from AUVESY-MDT and start using it straight away!

Ralf Hellmann, Head of Maintenance and Arnes Hadzic, PCS service technician at Emschergenossenschaft / Lippeverband

Technical documentation, training, and e-learning

With octoplant, our user-friendly customer portals and the eAcademy are at your disposal - for quick and simple help and tips & tricks for your day-to-day use of octoplant. We provide the full spectrum of modern IT education and training - as role-based and individual as you wish.

Frequently asked questions



Can octoplant training courses be customized?

Group training sessions can be customized at the AUVESY-MDT virtual training center. Just get in touch.

Can training courses be done online?

AUVESY-MDT runs a virtual training center. Each of a maximum of four participants on a virtual training course works in their own octoplant environment and learns about the best way to use the system. More information about our training courses can be found here.

Are on-site training courses available everywhere in the world?

Yes. Over 100 distributors offer expert advice on site and can answer questions and provide services. We offer all of the octoplant training courses anywhere in the world, including at your premises. Here is a list of our partners. We and our partners look forward to hearing from you.


We offer comprehensive octoplant support at all times and are available to assist you with all your requirements.

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