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We ease your workload. You focus on the maintenance.

Goodbye to versiondog: Discover all about the end-of-life and the exciting new developments we have in store for you instead.

We promise data security for all automation devices

versiondog provides industrial companies with uniform central data storage, fully automatic data backup, version management with detailed change detection and clear documentation, and at the same time is adapted to the automation systems of various manufacturers (including e.g. Siemens, ABB, Kuka, Rockwell and Mitsubishi).

Icon Kosten reduzieren
Reduce costs, increase efficiency

Strong ROI due to reduced production downtimes and increased overall equipment efficiency.

Icon Qualität verbessern
Improve quality

Increase quality by displaying changes in programmable assets and accelerate the digital transformation of the shop floor.

Icon Sicherheit erhöhen
Increase compliance and security levels

Detect unauthorized changes to running control programs, enable audit trails and improve cyber security.

Icon Arbeit vereinfachen
Reduce manual work

Decrease manual work needed for change management of production assets and allowing customers to directly edit projects in the editor using versiondog.

End-of-Life versiondog

Switch from versiondog to octoplant now. Learn more about the changeover and secure the exclusive Early Bird offer until the end of 2023!

Product features

Backup Feature von versiondog

Automatic backup

  • Safeguard your data and save time
  • Automatically check running programs for changes
  • Be notified if undesired changes are found
  • Use the same backup strategy for networked and non-networked devices
Compare version feature von versiondog

Version control

Dokumentation Feature von versiondog


  • Automatically document changes to control program projects
  • Keep a full and easily-comprehensible change history
  • Eliminate uncertainty and confusion
  • Get audit trail reports at the click of a button
Feature versiondog mobiles Datenmanagement App

Mobile change management from your smartphone or tablet

  • Simply scan QR codes on your automation equipment for instant reports
  • Track changes with SmartCompare
  • See the status of an entire production facility

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Further information

Which devices are supported by versiondog?

Use one single software system and one single strategy for all your automation equipment. 


Do you know our new software solution?

octoplant: The new modular datamanagement platform is the successor product of versiondog and offers numerous additional features. 

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