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Don't Leave the Chance of Downtime to a Manual Process

When a vehicle needs to be produced every two minutes, there is zero tolerance for delays - and downtime can cost millions. Secure your production line with octoplant.

Automation and Efficiency for the Automotive and Transportation Industries

The automotive and transportation industry is currently faced with numerous challenges. The advent of the Industrial IoT, the trend toward e-mobility, and new markets in China and South-East Asia are all contributing to the ever-present pressure to cut costs while increasing quality.

Manufacturers have to maintain the highest possible levels of efficiency while maximizing production . These challenges have resulted in an escalation in the number and complexity of automation processes. Demand for a wide range of models and customisation options is driving a seemingly unlimited increase in the complexity of individual fabrication processes. We provide solutions to help meet the continual stream of new quality management requirements while maintaining a clear, documented production process change history.

Field report from our customer Thyssenkrupp

The fact that backups can not only be saved, but also compared with each other is an enormous help to us, especially during audits. The software is set up: all new projects are stored in the solution from AUVESY-MDT as standard. I see no reason as to why we would ever do without this system again.

Gilles Gaeng, Technical Manager of Maintenance & IT at Thyssenkrupp Automotive Systems GmbH

Key Features

Supplier Check-Out/Check-In

  • Keep precise track of all changes made by vendors / external programmers

Management of standard program block library

...including usage list and detailed comparisons.

  • Increase production quality and dependability

Alarm function

...if desired values and parameters deviate from tolerance

  • Use preventive maintenance to avoid defective operation and minimise wastage
Icon für versionsmanagement

Complete change history

  • Complete change history for all control software projects
  • Ensure clarity and certainty in all production areas
  • Detect unauthorised changes
  • Significantly speed up troubleshooting

Automatic backup

...all production line equipment, including PLCs, CNCs, HMIs, robots, drives, sensors, etc.

  • Save time by eliminating the need for manual backups
  • Reduce downtime
  • Minimise loss of revenue due to production stoppages

Audit Trail

  • Save time with standardised documentation
  • Simplify complex auditing tasks
  • Generate audit trails at the click of a button
  • Ease adherence to VDA 6.x



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