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Intelligent Data Management for Automated Production

Establish data transparency throughout your entire automation chain. When the metrics of production can be translated into insightful indicators, it allows significant and comprehensive findings into key company parameters to come to light.

Gain valuable insights from the key metrics in your production environment

One drawback of modern production facilities is that while they generate vast quantities of data, most individuals and decision-makers typically lack a comprehensive understanding of their overall production system. 

Intelligent data management allows you to effectively utilize the multitude of different sources for the purpose of generating meaningful analyses. Furthermore, it allows you to optimize processes related to production data and, for the first time, to obtain a comprehensive, digital overview of all significant parameters. 

octoplant pro hub is the go-to solution for intelligent data management in production. By integrating all data sources from various machines and systems, it simplifies their usability for both production control and business management, thus extending the benefits of cutting-edge business intelligence to the shop floor.

The advantages of an intelligent data management system

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Gain a robust analysis platform for automated production

  • Consolidate all data in a single, secure location.
  • Continuously monitor important KPIs in real-time.
  • Rapidly detect inefficient processes and bottlenecks.
  • Facilitate swift reactions in line with identified data.
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Leverage concrete data-driven insights

  • All authorized individuals receive the information they require.
  • Draw swift deductions and make decisions based on concrete analyses.
  • Quantify complex connections and metrics.
  • Structured data for easy understanding, tailored to individual roles.
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Gain insights in real-time

  • Effortlessly integrate and process large-scale, heterogeneous data.
  • Eliminate the need for manual report and analysis preparation.
  • Diminish sources of error while safeguarding data security and compliance.
  • User-friendly dashboards ensure continuous access to current and historical data.

Companies in the top third of their industry in the use of data-driven decision making were, on average, 5% more productive and 6% more profitable than their competitors. 
Source: Harvard Business Review "Big Data: The Management Revolution"


The key functions of the octoplant pro hub

Consolidate all KPIs in production and make swift, informed decisions.

octoplant pro hub dashboard

Predefined and custom dashboards

Thanks to predefined dashboards, you can quickly and effortlessly visualize your production without requiring extensive data expertise. octoplant pro hub also allows you to create custom dashboards. This feature allows authorized employees to gain immediate access to role-relevant information at a single glance.

octoplant pro hub server utilization

Conduct comparisons and identify potentials

octoplant pro hub allows you to compare multiple instances with each other. With it, you can identify discrepancies and areas for improvement between different sites or production lines. You can also use it to access your capacity, identify downtime, and monitor throughput in real-time. This makes it possible to harness untapped potentials by employing targeted measures with tangible benchmarks.

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Full flexibility for your data

octoplant pro hub provides you with unprecedented insights into your production. You can use it to (1) broaden the depth of your knowledge with data imported from third-party systems, enabling enriched analysis hitherto unattainable in production; (2) leverage the capabilities of Microsoft Power BI, gaining added context that enables you to identify correlations that remained undiscovered before; and (3) export data using octoplant pro hub and integrate it into your other systems, such as your ERP.

Data governance for your OT

With the help of octoplant pro hub, company stakeholders can implement long-lasting data governance practices for all production data. Ensuring access control, security, data integrity, and consistency are integral components of this solution. Every change made to the data is meticulously documented and traceable. This helps in maintaining compliance, passing audits, and safeguarding against unintended misconfigurations in production.


Which systems and devices are compatible with octoplant?

octoplant supports PLCs, CNCs, robots, HMIs, SCADA systems and much more. The integration of these devices into octoplant’s intelligent data management allows companies to manage data diversity and volume effectively, yielding valuable insights to enhance their production. Use our device finder to discover whether your systems are compatible with octoplant.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between octoplant hub and octoplant pro hub?


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What are the options for acquiring/utilizing octoplant pro hub?

octoplant pro hub is a no-cost standard feature provided by octoplant and is available to all customers who have already purchased a license. Do you already have an octoplant license and are interested in learning more about the pro hub? Contact us at:

How safe is octoplant pro hub?

Throughout the product development stage of octoplant pro hub the solution underwent extensive testing by an independent security firm, confirming its high level of security. Based on the contemporary Microsoft Azure Platform and incorporating the SDLC (Secure Development Life Cycle) Best Practices during development, the system ensures robust data and application protection. Regular quality assurance checks ensure the development ideals are maintained.

What framework is utilized for creating reports?

Microsoft Power BI Embedded is used to create reports in octoplant pro hub. With this framework, you can harness a broad range of functions and features to develop engaging and interactive reports.

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