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So you can sleep well at night

Sleepless nights in automated production

It is reported that the US entrepreneur, Elon Musk, always stays overnight in the factory when there are problems in production. And many other plant managers, production managers and IT managers can't sleep soundly at night either, because of the numerous risks that threaten automated production.

This is because today's production environments are highly complex and work with a large number of system components from different manufacturers. If irregularities occur in production, there is a risk of production being interrupted and resulting in expensive downtime. In addition to this, security threats and hacker attacks have increased sharply in recent years and can become an expensive burden for any company.

Sleep well at night thanks to Backup, Recovery and Cybersecurity

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According to an IDG study, 47 percent of all cyberattacks lead to work interruptions and production downtime. Discover how to protect your business from cyberattacks and improve OT security. Download our free whitepaper now!


Full control for production facilities and industrial automation - for every plant and every industry

We give you our octoplant promise: By using octoplant, you always have an overview of all parts of the production to keep the plant running - AUVESY-MDT provides effective solutions that have been proven for years at thousands of companies: From IoT device management and backup & recovery to safeguarding assets and threat protection.

Keeping an eye on all device data

IoT device management manages all production and IoT devices - across manufacturers, solutions and common industry standards. The central platform knows all configuration files and shows who has made which changes.

Current setup available at any time

The Safeguarding Asset ensures a reliable image of the entire plant is available at all times. Version management ensures that the latest released version is always used. The backups are created automatically - this eliminates sources of error.

Minimize downtime in an emergency

In the event of a shutdown, Instant Recovery ensures that production capability is restored as quickly as possible. The last functional configuration with the machine-specific presettings can be found transparently and efficiently.

Detect and prevent security risks

Proactive vulnerability, change, and risk detection protects against hacker attacks and other security threats. As part of a holistic security architecture, risks can be preemptively identified for individual assets and resilience can be increased.

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