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Keeping Cybersecurity Risks Under Control

This white paper shows how you can connect IT and OT made by different manufacturers into secure, transparent overall system and keep tabs on everything, despite the increasing complexity of system landscapes.

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Whitepaper Cybersecurity

How to protect your operational technology (OT) against cyberattacks and ransomware

No business today is immune from cyberattack. More and more ransomware is aimed at industrial plant OT. It no longer matters how big or small the target is or what industry it’s in. The consequences can be serious, from days of plant downtime, to contractual penalties due to failing to comply with production schedules, to a damaged image among customers and production partners. And when it comes to ransomware, blackmail is often added to the list.

According to a study by security firm Sophos, the average damage caused by each cyberattack on manufacturing businesses is $1.52 million. Sophos also says that more than a third of manufacturing companies complained of a ransomware attack in the past twelve months. Insurance can cover some or all of the damage caused, but only if the claimant has actively taken precautions beforehand.

Portrait Matthias Teitge von Wolters

Cyber-attacks are a real danger for us. When facing the outside world, we would rather be more shielded than not shielded enough! The traceability of all data accesses including time stamps contributed to our decision to use the version control software from AUVESY-MDT.

Matthias Teitge, Head of Plant Management at Hofbrauhaus Wolters

The white paper provides answers to the following questions:

  • How can businesses provide contemporary protection for their own OT and production facilities, and why are conventional IT security concepts not enough?
  • How do you implement a uniform, secure facility management system which doesn’t just inventorize facilities, but also generates comprehensive backups, recognizes changes to devices in good time, and proactively prevents damage?
  • What does a company have to do to minimize interruptions in its production? And if production is interrupted, how do you return all of the parts of a system to their previous settings when you start them back up?

The white paper also includes a complete graphical overview of all the relevant topics and a guide containing recommendations around security aspects in production.