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Vulnerability Management

For AUVESY-MDT, security has always been a top priority - this applies to our customers' data as well as to our software. 

Report vulnerabilities

Vulnerability Management Policy

Our internal security team works continuously to improve our products. External feedback from partners and customers is critical to ensuring the highest level of product security. Help us identify any potential weak spot so we can seal them off!

Reporting Vulnerabilities

We appreciate your feedback and your identification of weaknesses. Please keep the following guidelines in mind:

  • Language: Reports can be written in English or German.
  • Required information: Include a proof of concept and a detailed description of the vulnerability in your report.
  • Contact: If you have any questions or need personal assistance, we are here to help. Anonymous reports are also accepted.

We kindly ask for your understanding and patience as we work to develop and implement appropriate mitigations for the reported vulnerabilities.