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Comprehensive program management for any type of environment utilizing automated assets

Interacting seamlessly with editor packages, AutoSave empowers users to reduce errors and downtime, increase productivity, protect users and assets, and identify specific modifications.

Your benefits

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Reduce Downtime

Ensure that if a program is lost due to device failure, power loss, etc., the most current copy of program logic can be automatically retrieved so plant operations can be restored quickly and correctly.

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Increase Security

Prepare, detect and recover from cybersecurity threats to networked devices. User access protection ensures that only authorized users can access programs and make changes.

Product features

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Program version control and backup

AutoSave automatically captures all program changes as they are made and stores it as a new version in a central server location. Users have easy access to the master copy and older revisions so if a program is lost, or an incorrect change is made, the correct version can be immediately uploaded to the device.

Change detection and notification

AutoSave can periodically compare the program running in each device with the current copy in AutoSave and identify any differences. Detailed comparison reports are generated, and users are notified of differences via e-mail.


Electronic signature and workflow approval

AutoSave provides electronic signature and workflow approval support so that regulated manufacturers can meet requirements, such as FDA 21CFR11, and be assured that processes have not been altered without approval.  

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Further information

Devices supported by AutoSave

AutoSave supports over 80 automation devices and any PC-based application, including advanced change management for AVEVA/Wonderware System Platform.


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Advanced change management for AVEVA/Wonderware system platform

AutoSave for System Platform (A4SP) provides change management for AVEVA/Wonderware System Platform objects, graphics, templates, instances, and more. By gaining control over object changes, AutoSave enables users to:

  • Remove undesired changes
  • Detect object associations and differences in versions
  • Validate changes between production and Dev/QA Galaxies
  • Restore object changes following a Galaxy restoration

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