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Latest AUVESY-MDT News

The octoplant software solution sets the standard for securing factory automation and optimizing the connection between OT and IT

AUVESY-MDT Connect 2022 on May 24-25 - Connecting 500 industry experts from around the world

Strengthening our corporate structure as we continue on the road towards rapid global expansion

versiondog version 9.1 release

AUVESY and MDT Software join forces to create AUVESY-MDT

Information concerning the Log4j security breach

LVT LEBENSMITTEL Industrie: Clear overview of production facilities enables targeted response

Leadership team for global data management and instant recovery technology company expanded to facilitate product standardization

A Coordinated Disclosure Success Story

AUVESY continues to grow and expand, adding new faces to its management team

Frankfurter Allgemeine reports on the increasing demand within the industry for data protection

A perfect match: versiondog and the automation solution center

HG invests in MDT

Survey: Analytics & reporting for versiondog

versiondog support for Omron CX Programmer

What's new in versiondog 8.5.1?

Hg invests in AUVESY

AUVESY enters the Chinese market with new subsidiary in Nanjing

Performance & Security Boost for your industrial automation

What has changed versiondog 8.5.0?

AUVESY to be recognized as a leading employer once again in 2021