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Here you will find all the latest news about AUVESY-MDT, the latest top news and press releases.


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More news from 2022

Will Draper as new President of The Americas

5 October 2022 - The new appointment positions AUVESY-MDT and its octoplant software to capitalize on digital transformation and cybersecurity growth across the industrialized economy.

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News release octoplant

octoplant 101.0.4 Release

5 October 2022 - A new update of octoplant server 101.0.4 is available from today. Enjoy improved functionality and increased security of your system.

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News release versiondog

versiondog 9.5.4 Release

5 October 2022 - A new update of versiondog 9.5.4 is available from today. Customers can download the new version at

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Industrielles Datenmanagement für News

Taking Command of Data in Increasingly Complex Industrial Operations

27 July 2022 - Modern production plants deliver huge amounts of data & are characterized by high complexity. Efficient data management can provide essential support here.

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Teaserbild News octoplant and versiondog Release

Release octoplant server 101.0.3 und versiondog 9.5.3

28 July 2022 - The new version octoplant server 101.0.3 and versiondog 9.5.3 has been completed and is available for customers to download at

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Teaserbild FAZ Artikel

FAZ in business talk with the CEO

11 July 2022 - Hardly anyone knows AUVESY-MDT? In an interview with the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, our CEO Dr. Tim Weckerle reveals why this must and will change.

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[Translate to English:] News-Bild AutoSave Release V8

Release AutoSave version 8.0

24 May 2022 - We are happy to announce the release of AutoSave v8.0. To ensure the highest level of security, you are strongly encouraged to download this latest version of AutoSave.

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[Translate to English:] News-Bild versiondog Version 9.5.1

Release versiondog Version 9.5.2

24 May 2022 - We are happy to announce the much-anticipated release of versiondog 9.5.2. Customers can download the new version at

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[Translate to English:] News-Bild octoplant Logo

The octoplant software solution sets the standard for securing factory automation and optimizing the connection between OT and IT

19 April 2022 - The new software platform helps reduce production downtime and provides optimal protection against data loss through a vendor-independent backup and cyber security strategy.

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News-bild Connect 2022

AUVESY-MDT Connect 2022 on May 24-25 - Connecting 500 industry experts from around the world

04 April 2022 - The leading international trade event for automation management and production safety.

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[Translate to English:] News-Bild Release versiondog

versiondog Version 9.1 Release

31 January 2022 - We endeavor to provide our customers with the best user experience and the highest quality products, which is why we continue to provide improvements to our software in the form of patches and updates.

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AUVESY and MDT Software join forces to create AUVESY-MDT

11 January 2022 - AUVESY-MDT moving forward as one brand and with a joint product roadmap for the future

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News from 2021

Our customer Siemens Energy AS reports from the practice

Bild rund von Jan Petersen, Siemens Energy AS

The main reason for using versiondog* was the desire for a complete and uniform overview of all projects and versions within production and maintenance. We also wanted to unify all automation data for all user groups into a single system for global technician deployment. These expectations were fully met with the use of versiondog.

Jan Petersen, production engineer at Siemens Energy AS
*) versiondog was the former software solution from AUVESY GmbH

Our customer Haubrauhaus Wolters reports from the practice

Portrait Matthias Teitge von Wolters

Cyber-attacks are a real danger for us. When facing the outside world, we would rather be more shielded than not shielded enough! The traceability of all data accesses including time stamps contributed to our decision to use versiondog.

Matthias Teitge, Head of Plant Management at Hofbrauhaus Wolters
*) versiondog was the former software solution of AUVESY GmbH

Our customer Thyssenkrupp Automotive Systems reports from the practice

Portrait Gilles Gaeng von Thyssenkrupp

The fact that the backups are not only stored but can also be compared with each other helps us enormously during audits. The software is set and all new projects are created in versiondog* by default. There is no reason why we should ever do without the system again.

Gilles Gaeng, Technical Manager Maintenance & IT at thyssenkrupp Automotive Systems
*) versiondog was the former software solution of AUVESY GmbH

Our customer Tata Steel Europe reports from the practice

Portrait Hassan El Hadad von Tata Steel

Thanks to versiondog*, we get an up-to-date overview of the production facilities. versiondog makes work easier, saves time and gives us complete security as to which changes have been made. More quality is not possible!

Hassan El Haddad, MAS Automation, works as a technical automation specialist at HTD, Tata Steel Europe
*) versiondog was the former software solution of AUVESY GmbH

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