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Process TIA Portal Performance Boost

Performance Boost - Siemens TIA Portal Backups Faster Than Ever

The Siemens TIA Portal is an important platform for automated production in various industries. Based on its significant market importance and feedback from AUVESY-MDT's annual customer surveys, octoplant 101.3.0 has been adapted to the latest version V19 of the Siemens TIA Portal and significantly improved.

One of the most important improvements is the significant increase in performance for TIA Portal backups by a factor of at least 8 - and up to a factor of 16 in optimal scenarios. Why the performance of TIA Portal backup jobs counts:

  • Fast backups and version control: Automated backups and versioning of TIA Portal projects are now faster than ever due to the optimized interaction between TIA Portal and Octoplant.
  • Improved comparability and analysis: With octoplant, version comparison within TIA Portal is simplified. Errors or inconsistencies can be quickly identified and corrected, improving overall efficiency and quality.
  • Time savings for complex systems: Complex manufacturing systems and large automation projects benefit from TIA Portal's enhanced performance through automated backups.

Learn more about the performance improvements in the OnePager. Don't miss our informative webinar on the benefits of automated backup and versioning with TIA Portal and octoplant. Stay informed and register now!

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