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Data management for machinery and plant engineering, OEM

Besides meeting the demand for higher and higher quality, production line engineers & equipment suppliers also have to deal with rapidly increasing project complexity. As a result, the task of devising and maintaining a manual data-storage structure has become almost impossible. No matter how well thought out a system seems to be, confusion and lack of clarity can all too easily creep in. Further powerful arguments in favour of an effective data management system are heightened emphasis on IIoT technologies, the growing number of standard programming blocks and the importance of comprehensive process and delivery documentation. versiondog and AutoSave provide valuable support for production line engineers & equipment suppliers all the way from the project design phase to commissioning and customer acceptance.

More than 2,500 customers worldwide successfully optimize their maintenance with our products

Key Features

Engineering team coordination

  • Guarantee tight coordination between project planning and on-site commissioning personnel
  • Synchronise on-site server with your central server to ease simultaneous development and troubleshooting
  • Ensure quick response times to additional requests or unforeseen issues
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Version management

  • Detection of changes to released control programs using SmartCompare
  • Simplify troubleshooting and project handover
  • Make detailed project comparisons
  • Quickly retrieve at any time an archive of the project state at time of handover
  • Ensure clarity, certainty and safety at commissioning

Standard program block library

  • Save time by managing standard program block versions without manual documentation
  • Simplify troubleshooting with automated usage list, including an instant overview of which blocks are in use and where
  • Simplify coordination and ensure that the correct block versions are in use in accordance with the approved plan


  • Save time due to greatly reduced need for manual documentation
  • Put a stop to time-wasting searches for the latest versions of programs
  • Increase project efficiency with documented versions of the status at every stage, from commissioning and acceptance to ongoing maintenance
  • Deal with warranty claims with certainty thanks to clear record of state at commissioning

Why do so many companies in your industry use our products?

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Standard program block library management with usage list

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Centralised data storage

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End-to-end process documentation including indelible record of state at delivery and detailed comparisons for audit trail reports

Our customer Knapp reports from the practice

Thanks to versiondog*, all of our projects are stored safely and we can compare versions at any time.

Werner Schauer, head of PLC Development department at Knapp AG
*) versiondog was the former software solution from AUVESY GmbH

Case Studies

Discover what AUVESY-MDT can do for your business

Whitepaper "Firefighting mentality" in automated production

A firefighting mentality is one where organizations are frantically rushing to solve unexpected problems, making impulsive decisions, and applying short term “band-aid” solutions to restore production as quickly as possible. Production plants are particularly susceptible to this mentality. Why? Plants are up against a wide variety of risks to productivity and product quality. Human error, equipment failure, cyber attack, and natural disaster all have the potential to cause significant downtime. When every minute of downtime can cost thousands, it is critical to resume production as quickly as possible.

Nevertheless, very few production plants are adequately prepared for worst-case scenarios or even everyday issues. A proactive approach to data management for automation could save time, money, and effort.

This white paper will discuss how better data management can transform your industrial automation for increased productivity with fewer problems. First, it will explore the causes and concerns of a reactive “firefighting” approach to maintenance in automation. Then, it will propose data management tools and best practices to help break these habits.