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Operational Efficiency: Improving overall asset effectiveness

octoplant Operational Efficiency

Higher Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) by connecting processes and enterprise level

Achieve higher Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) by connecting processes with the enterprise level. octoplant supports you with transparent data and workflow management to make your operations more efficient and thus effectively increase overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). Synchronizing information from different operational levels creates improved visibility and system integration. This provides sustainable efficiency gains in the long term.

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3 out of 4 customers state that versiondog (octoplant's predecessor solution) has become indispensable and they indicate that they have sustainably increased production quality through the use of the software.*

*Source: AUVESY GmbH customer survey, survey period 2021, 189 respondents

Features of octoplant Operational Efficiency

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Customize octoplant workflows

Receive extra flexibility by integrating octoplant into your existing workflows.

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Synchronize data across multiple instances

Impose configuration and asset standards, and ensure your octoplant data is available across instances.

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Get to know octoplant and find out what makes our solution unique.

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What our customers say

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We have made significant gains in certainty and quality when it comes to data availability in areas where many programmable logic controllers are in use. Implementing the solution from AUVESY-MDT has put us on a new quality level.

Jerónimo Ortolá Vidal, Automation engineer at the Industrial Controls and Safety systems Group of the Beams Department at CERN

Transparent data and workflow management

Generate added value for your entire production by relying on octoplant's workflow optimization. Through the combination of planning and plant floor level, the data of the plant floor devices, you can optimize the availability, quality, and speed of production.

Frequently asked questions

Can I adapt octoplant to existing processes?

Yes. You can use the scripting interface to adapt or customize the system to existing processes.

Can I define system standards across multiple servers? And can decide what they are?

Yes. You can define standards (such as uniform component types) by synchronizing servers.

What kind of solutions and ideas can I use to implement a particular workflow/standard in octoplant?

Our online octoplant INFO help has lots of examples and ways of implementing a scripting solution.

What is the advantage of connecting multiple octoplant servers?

If multiple systems are connected to each other, then the data will be available to all of them uniformly and standards can be defined accordingly.

Is it possible to integrate existing solutions/functions into an octoplant server?

Existing solutions can be integrated on the basis of the scripting interface, regardless of the scripting language used.

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