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Whitepaper: Prevent production downtime effectively by monitoring intelligently

How is the digitalization of production changing the role of the production manager? Its numerous advantages come with new challenges. Harness the full potential of digitalization in production, but without increasing operational complexity. 

Our guide provides answers to these questions:

  • How can production managers prevent interruptions in complex environments?
  • How does octoplant help to automate, monitor, and protect modern production systems?
  • What modern software features can help to prevent or quickly eliminate data loss, downtime, and misconfigurations?
  • How does documenting assets and processes centrally for everyone involved speed up onboarding and problem-solving? 
Teaserbild Whitepaper Produktionsleiter

This white paper shows how automation, protection, project data version management and software versions take the operative complexity out of digitalization. It provides production managers with simple ways of making modern manufacturing as clear, reliable and well-structured as traditional production. 

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