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Whitepaper: Effectively prevent production downtime with intelligent monitoring

Thanks to digitalization, networking and automation, the role of production management is constantly evolving and needs to tap into the new potential of networking in an increasingly complex environment.

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Whitepaper Produktionsleiter TItel

Bringing transparency to your production environment

Networked production opens up a wide range of opportunities and potential, making it more flexible and efficient. At the same time, however, this increases the number of possible sources of error and points of attack. The complexity of today's systems brings new challenges and tasks to the desks of production management. As a result, costs due to business interruptions are increasing from year to year. The damage to German companies caused by hackers has even multiplied in recent years.

Production management needs practical answers and solutions here to maintain the operational resilience of production. Because incidents in networked production often have trivial causes: Misconfigurations of equipment, unnoticed changes or interrupted communication chains are already enough to bring production lines to a standstill or produce an entire batch of rejects. The most effective countermeasure for responsible parties: bring transparency and security to complex digital production environments with simple solutions.

In this free paper, you will learn:

  • What measures can production management take to prevent disruptions in complex environments?
  • How can software effectively help prevent data loss, downtime, and misconfiguration?
  • That central documentation of all plants and processes ensures faster familiarization and problem solving for all parties involved.

Download the whitepaper "Guide to Production Management in Complex, Digital Production Environments" now for free and find out more.