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Threat Protection: Proactively detect and eliminate vulnerabilities



octoplant Threat Protection

Systematically implement cyber security and proactively prevent or mitigate damage

Through proactive vulnerability, change and risk detection, octoplant, as part of the complete security architecture, protects production processes from attacks and prevents damage and production downtime. With the help of octoplant, damage can be prevented, or the impact reduced.

Today, no company can rule out the possibility of being targeted by cyber attacks, which increasingly affect operational technology (OT) in industrial plants. Proactive protection measures are essential to reduce downtime, errors, and safety hazards. As part of risk analyses of the entire plant, weak points can be identified and eliminated based on the device inventory.

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Michael Grollmus Blockquote

Besides all the benefits of connected machines and industrial plants, it also bears a considerable risk. If manufacturers don't monitor their industrial automation assets with all their details, they lack any basis for recognizing vulnerabilities.

Michael Grollmus, CEO, Grollmus GmbH

Features of octoplant Threat Protection

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Create vulnerability report

Receive a complete vulnerability exposure overview of your assets, incl. mitigation recommendation.

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Get to know octoplant and find out what makes our solution unique.

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Identify and proactively close security gaps and risks

With octoplant's threat protection features, you can get an overview of vulnerabilities in the entire plant as well as individual devices. See which devices are considered risky and reduce risks and hidden vulnerabilities. 

Frequently asked questions

What information does the device inventory contain?
  • hardware
  • firmware
  • model
  • rack slot
  • IP
  • manufacturer
  • and more
What does the asset risk score or CVSS (Common Vulnerability Scoring System) refer to?

More information about the CVSS score can be found under the following public link:

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