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No More Searching for Software at Mann + Hummel

„Documentation is key.” This is the last piece of advice that production line suppliers always give their customers. And yet, despite the best intentions, the advice is usually swiftly forgotten. At Mann + Hummel, however, staff have truly taken this mantra on board. At the company’s factory in Marklkofen, version control and data management software has been in use for over 16 years now.

versiondog in action at the Mann+Hummel Marklkofen site

The Initial Situation

Marklkofen is a central location within the Mann + Hummel Group and serves as a production site for automotive and industrial filters. With an impressive production area of 200,000 square meters, the site plays a key role in both the aftermarket business and original equipment manufacturing.

Operating a three-shift system from Monday morning through Saturday requires continuous machine availability and minimal downtime. To ensure this, the company relies on a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) to network production processes and provide efficient control and monitoring. Despite this advanced infrastructure, the company faced challenges in maintaining and managing the software, which negatively impacted production efficiency.

The Solution

Mann + Hummel Marklkofen chose the AUVESY-MDT version control system to address the software management issues. This allowed seamless integration of all machines into the system, enabling fast remote maintenance and ensuring current software versions.

In addition to ensuring current software versions, extensive lists of all set parameters, also known as recipes, were backed up. This ensures that the software version of each component connected to the network is always up to date. This precise documentation not only greatly facilitates maintenance, but also reduces downtime by eliminating the time-consuming search for the "right" software version.

Another important aspect is the software's ability to restrict access to certain parameters. This protects parameters that must not be changed under any circumstances, thus consistently eliminating potential sources of error and significantly increasing the reliability and stability of production.

Klaus Wanninger, responsible for IT technology in electrical maintenance at Mann + Hummel Marklkofen, emphasizes the importance of the system: "The fast disaster recovery made possible by AUVESY-MDT's version control and data management system is a very important tool in practice. This solution provides an effective way to optimize software management and meet production requirements.

In addition, the system's scripting interface allows for the insertion of custom subroutines into the software. As a result, Mann + Hummel Marklkofen employees can use individual customization options for check-in and check-out. "We always have new wishes and suggestions, because automation never stands still," explains Klaus Wanninger.

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Education and a high level of knowledge are key factors in ensuring good maintenance. They learn how to use the version control software from AUVESY-MDT during their training so they are ready to go as soon as they are finished.

Klaus Wanninger, head of electrical maintenance at Mann + Hummel
Maintenance work with versiondog at Mann+Hummel

The Result

The implementation of the version control and data management system has led to a significant reduction in repair times and more efficient maintenance. The preventive approach now enables event-driven intervention and increases overall productivity. The time saved in the event of a disaster far outweighs the documentation effort. The integration of the scripting interface allows employees to implement customized solutions and further optimize workflows.

Christian Metz, Key Account Manager Automotive, emphasizes the preventive approach: "This creates opportunities for event-oriented intervention. The innovative solution has proven to be a key component for efficient production and contributes to the long-term performance of the company.

"Today, the version control and data management system has become so important that even apprentices are working with it," adds Klaus Wanninger. "Training and maintenance knowledge are essential parts of our good maintenance. The integration of the system into training demonstrates the company's long-term focus and willingness to invest in innovative solutions.

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