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versiondog job trigger via OPC UA

Automate your maintenance and easily start your versinodog backups in job configuration with the help of a trigger URL.

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Automate versiondog backups

From versiondog 8.0, it is possible to carry out a backup in Job configuration via a trigger URL. In order to do this, an OPC UA client was integrated into the versiondog server. This OPC UA client can be found on the versiondog server and communicates with the OPC server, from which the devices that you wish to make cyclical backups from is read and which provides the trigger variable to the versiondog server. The job (backup) is carried out automatically via the variable from the device.

The following execution scenarios are possible:


Via a physical button on site


After finishing a project

After reading certain parameters on a panel


Before starting a new batch

After changing a tool


After changes to the status in a step chain


Triggering a job via OPC UA

In our configuration example, you can see how easy it is to start a job with help from a trigger URL as seen here in the example of a SIMATIC S7-1500 controller using the OPC UA interface.

A special feature of this SIMATIC S7-1500 controller is than an OPC server is already integrated. If this is activated, controller variables can easily be made available via this OPC server.

versiondog checks the variable at definite time intervals to see whether a new job has to be executed. Data and program blocks can thus be backed up very easily.

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Job-Trigger Webcast EN

How can the versiondog Job Trigger via OPC-UA make your life easier?

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