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New user online training course

This online training course will focus on basic UserClient functions.

This training course is necessary for taking part in the Administrator training course. In this online training course, you will be introduced to the structure and configuration of the system, including important terminology and functions. This will be followed up by a series of hands-on, practical exercises.


  • Introduction to basic functions and terms
  • Creation of project trees and components
  • Changes to component properties
  • Using UserClient and EasyClient (creating versions, Check-In & -Out)
  • Supplier project management
  • "Lock" and "Under development" status
  • Filter and search in the masterdata and project tree
  • Navigation, incl. creating and managing favourites
  • Sever directories: Logical view, LifeCycle view and Physical view
  • Using and managing the Quicksave function
  • Backup and version control
  • What's new in octoplant / versiondog
  • Discussion:
    • Final questions and any remaining issues (open theme)
    • Support-related questions
    • Desired future features


Tuesday, 14 March 2023
Tuesday, 13 June 2023
Tuesday, 12 September 2023
Tuesday, 12 December 2023

The trainings are in German language. On request also possible in English language. Please register in good time. The registration deadline is 2 weeks before the training date.


1 day (9:00 - 17:00)

Target group:

Target group for beginners

Amout of participants:

Maximum 4 participants.
If the number of participants is too low (less than 2), we reserve the right to cancel or postpone training after consultation.


Fees Per participant  990 € (plus 19% VAT)


Your Contact Person

Georg Seiss

Head of Customer Services
Tel.: +49 6341 6810-562