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Montage Whitepaper IT und OT

New white paper on IT/OT convergence available

The ongoing integration of IT and OT is opening new horizons for companies in automated production. Our latest white paper, "State of the Art in IT and Maintenance (OT)," explores the advantages of this convergence and provides solutions to today's challenges.

IT/OT convergence promises not only predictive maintenance and improved decision-making but also enhanced efficiency and heightened cybersecurity. However, in the current era characterized by resource constraints and cyber threats, there is a pressing need for well-founded responses to keep production running smoothly.

The white paper provides answers to the following questions:

  • What benefits does IT/OT convergence bring to both realms?
  • How can you maintain an overview of automation devices and configurations?
  • Why are automated backups crucial?
  • How do you ensure recovery after an outage?

Moreover, the white paper includes an OT data management and resilience check to help you determine if you are implementing adequate measures to prevent production interruptions and safeguard your data.

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