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White paper: State of the Art in IT and Maintenance (OT)

Collaborating Between Divisions for Successful Production

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How Can IT/OT Convergence Help Surmount the Challenges of Our Time?

IT and OT are increasingly merging, which brings a number of advantages to businesses in automated production. It enables predictive maintenance and better decision-making, increases efficiency, and improves cybersecurity.

But in today’s world, converging these two worlds also requires support. Resources are scarce, there’s a shortage of staff, and cyberattacks are becoming an increasing threat, all of which make it more difficult for the industry to keep production up and running. This white paper suggests some ways of maintaining a smooth operation.

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Are you prepared for the unexpected?

Included in the whitepaper, the OT Data Management & Resilience Check allows you to assess whether your protocols are inline to avoid unexpected downtime and increase data safety.

The white paper provides answers to the following questions:

  • What are the benefits of IT/OT convergence for IT and automated production?
  • How do you retain an overview of all your company’s automated equipment, its configuration, and the changes made to it?
  • Why are automated backups the key to keeping automated production running?
  • How do you ensure that all the programs, data, and system settings that your production needs are available again and running correctly after an outage?

Download our free white paper titled ‘State of the Art in IT and Maintenance (OT) now and find out more.