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New OT Data Management & Resilience Check Reveals Optimization Potential in 3 Minutes

Are your production processes truly as secure as you believe them to be? A new service now promises clarity in just 3 minutes. The 'OT Data Management & Resilience Check' provides plant managers with a swift assessment of transparency and security in production.

Conducting the check is remarkably straightforward: plant managers answer a series of key questions about their data management and the resilience of production facilities in just 12 steps. This includes aspects such as access to various equipment states, the regularity of automated backups, and the recoverability of automation data.

At the conclusion of the check, participants receive an evaluation of their current maturity level in data management. This enables a targeted enhancement of security and efficiency in production.

The OT Data Management & Resilience Check thus offers a simple means to scrutinize one's own production and identify areas for improvement.

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