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Is your production environment secure? Find out with our OT Data Management & Resilience Check!

In just three minutes, you can see just how transparent and secure your production truly is. Benchmarks included.

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Identifying optimization potential

To recognize possible deficits in one’s own production environment, both maintenance and management must continuously deal with the central setup of their production. This is no problem for our OT Data Management & Resilience Check, which helps you to realistically assess your data management. By answering all the questions, you can finally determine your own maturity level and receive suitable recommendations for action.

Find out in just 12 steps:

  • How quickly and securely do you manage to access different system statuses and driver versions?
  • How regularly do you create automated backups?
  • Which methods do you use to ensure that automation data can be restored quickly?

Much more simple than you would think

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Just 3 minutes of your time

In just 12 steps, find out if your data is effectively protected and what potential risks exist to your Operational Technology (OT).


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Directly afterwards, you will receive an email with your own personal evaluation.


Unbekannter Testteilnehmer

The test results gave me completely new approaches and ideas. Now I know how I can protect myself even better and where there are still gaps in our systems. So many insights in just a few minutes.

Frank Schneider, Production Engineer