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How companies avoid downtimes in production

Downtime in production costs many thousands of dollars per hour. Four out of five companies have experienced at least one unplanned production stop in recent years. With these strategies, managers can take preventive action.

Proactively safeguarding instead of reacting: Rather than waiting for breakdowns to occur, production facility managers should act preventively. To create a comprehensive strategy against unplanned downtime, companies need to systematically and reliably eliminate potential sources of errors. This includes gaining a complete, granular picture of production and all assets on the shop floor.

In combination with a complete versioning and backup solution for all software states, potential configuration errors lose their fright. Even the scenario of a cyber attack can no longer halt production when all projects can be restored with just a few clicks. Additionally, managers gain valuable insights into production by observing and evaluating all key figures across all machines, controls, and manufacturers in the connected production.

In the cover story of "IT & Production," read about how asset management, automated backups, versioning, and reporting not only provide security and transparency to management but also to production employees.

Managing assets and factories across the globe

The whole article from the July edition of the German technical magazine IT & Production.

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