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How AUVESY-MDT Solution Helps Volkswagen Anhui Manage Data

The production process and data management of production facilities are crucial in the automotive industry. With the AUVESY-MDT software solution, Volkswagen Anhui 2022 has introduced automatic backups and centralized data management, which enables efficient management and monitoring of production processes.

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Program monitoring and version management for maintenance departments

In planning the new Volkswagen Anhui facility, selecting an appropriate system to achieve management effectiveness was critical. Dr. Michal from the maintenance department emphasized the need for robust program management and fast restoration of production systems.

In September 2022, the AUVESY-MDT solution was implemented company-wide, covering the three workshops (welding, painting and final assembly). The main objective of the implementation was to store and compare different versions of system backups.

The main users of the AUVESY-MDT solution are the maintenance departments. The software helps the maintenance department to monitor and manage the programs and versions of the equipment on site, to avoid unexpected downtimes of certain equipment due to program management and to reduce the loss of production efficiency.

Enhanced Maintenance Efficiency with AUVESY-MDT

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The automatic backup and version management features of the AUVESY-MDT software can help us backup and manage various software programs used across multiple internal factories, and greatly improve the work efficiency of our maintenance personnel.

Mr. Zhou, maintenance engineer at Volkswagen Anhui Paint Shop, responsible for the maintenance and repair of the automated equipment
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Significantly improve work efficiency

Since deploying this software, the programs of core production equipment on the Volkswagen Anhui production line are automatically backed up to the server on a regular basis and managed through archiving. This frees up professional maintenance personnel from the tedious, repetitive, and low technical difficulty work of manual backup and program management, allowing them to invest valuable time in other more meaningful or urgent tasks. In addition, AUVESY-MDT provides comprehensive and professional training and guidance to Volkswagen Anhui employees, enabling them to use the software and perform necessary configurations without the support of manufacturer personnel in the future.

Mr. Hu is the project manager for the AUVESY-MDT solution in the IT department of Volkswagen Anhui. He said, "The AUVESY-MDT solution also has a function for comparative inspection, which can help us identify whether the device programs being monitored on-site have been modified. By comparing the programs captured from the site with our defined standard version programs, it helps us monitor the production process." The cross-comparison inspection function mentioned by Hu is a key highlight of the AUVESY-MDT solution, as it enables timely detection of unauthorized modifications to on-site device programs, preventing large-scale quality and production accidents from occurring.

Using AUVESY-MDT solution

The AUVESY-MDT solution is user-friendly software. Prior to using the software, AUVESY-MDT's technical staff will provide on-site training and guidance in the workshop to ensure that employees can use the software correctly. Under supervision and guidance, the staffs can carry out practical exercises and drills to better master the use of the software. Additionally, the AUVESY-MDT solution supports testing of various standard devices to ensure compatibility with all equipment in the workshop before the network architecture is completed. Once the network architecture is in place, the software can easily perform version management and backup tasks. In the event of any subsequent issues during use, the company can contact AUVESY-MDT technical staff at any time for online support to ensure that the company's system runs smoothly at all times.

Advantages of using AUVESY-MDT solution

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AUVESY-MDT solution has many advantages. It can truly help achieve standardized and unified management of various device programs, early and rapid recovery solutions, as well as a clear overview of backup management tasks for different systems.

Dr. Michal, Volkswagen Anhui
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Other expectations and plans with AUVESY-MDT solution

The next goal for Volkswagen Anhui is to increase the number of automatic backups, which means automating the backup and comparison of different systems or devices to improve overall security and minimize the recovery time of critical equipment. Volkswagen Anhui will increase the number of protected devices through the AUVESY-MDT solution, which is their future plan.

The AUVESY-MDT solution provides a simple and effective method for managing a company’s automation processes, ensuring their efficient operation, reducing the risk of accidents, and minimizing their impact on operations. The software’s user-friendliness also means that it can be self-installed and configured with minimal effort from maintenance personnel. 


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