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White paper: Seven myths of version management & data backup in industrial automation

Overarching version management of production data and software versions appears to be a major challenge for many companies. Yet it is easier than expected to manage heterogeneous production environments in a uniform manner.

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Whitepaper 7 Myths

Uniform data management is no longer difficult

In order for production facilities to run reliably, those responsible and acting in operations need a full overview of project data and software statuses. This would enable them to keep an eye on all production assets as well as manage all production data in a central digital location. This creates traceability and transparency, prevents unintentional changes and, in any case of doubt, can restore all system statuses at any time. This is the safety net for all project statuses in the company.

Until now, it has been difficult or impossible to unite all devices and controls from different manufacturers in a central data platform. This white paper reveals seven myths about version management and data backup in production that are no longer true today. How difficult is it to manage cross-vendor data sets and always have a backup of all versions? This comprehensive version management in production enables those responsible for production to have an overview of all software statuses and changes at all times - across all controllers and systems from different manufacturers.

In this whitepaper, we will clarify:

  • What was enough in the past is risky today. Without automatic version management and backup, project versions can get mixed up or lost.
  • Even heterogeneous production environments can be managed, versioned and backed up uniformly today. Boundaries between manufacturers disappear.
  • Version management systems are no longer difficult to implement. One server and any number of clients - that's all it takes to secure all systems uniformly.
  • And what should you look out for when it comes to choosing the right system?

Download the whitepaper "7 Myths of Version Management & Data Backup in Industrial Automation" now for free and bring your knowledge about version management up to speed.