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On-Demand Webcast: Standardization like at BOSCH

Improvement of automated processes across several BOSCH sites

Implementing consistent and efficient processes in production that can be easily monitored and improved is a major challenge. How can production be made more adaptable and at the same time more efficient?

BOSCH is focusing on standardization for this purpose and has been providing a group-wide service for all BOSCH sites for some time. The basis of this service is data and OT endpoint management with octoplant. Oliver Müller, ITM Components BOSCH, explains the service and the idea behind it and talks about the added value of standardization.

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Your Expert

Oliver Müller

Oliver Müller is a Senior Manager at Robert Bosch GmbH, specializing in IT and Automation. With extensive experience in various roles within the company, he has successfully overseen Infrastructure & Security IT products for Manufacturing. Oilver's expertise includes Electrical-Design, Software-Engineering, Controls, and automation. He holds a graduate engineering degree in Mechatronics, Automation Technology & Software Engineering.

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