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PLC Backup and Version Comparison

Unmatched data security and detailed analytics for reliable PLC system management and protection.

The Risk of Not Having Enough PLC Backups

In the IT world, frequent data backups are essential for data integrity and access. In the manufacturing sector, however, backups of PLC programs are often not done until post-installation, which excludes capturing any later changes in the programming. This oversight could lead to several potential issues:

  • Limited error detection and resolution
  • Inadequate traceability for changes
  • Jeopardized plant stability
  • Elevated periods of inactivity and higher production costs

Real-world examples demonstrate the severity of the issue.

Production Consumer Goods

Example 1: A Mere Mis-Click Can Result in the Loss of Several Million Euros

While performing routine maintenance on a production facility, an accidental change was made to the automation software of a PLC, which remained undetected for weeks. This oversight resulted in several million liters of flawed products being produced and shipped. The problem was only realized after the products were in circulation, necessitating a significant and publicized recall.

To prevent such incidents, production supervisors must always be informed about WHO changed WHAT assets, WHERE, WHEN, and WHY.

Utilizing PLC Backups for the Purpose of Comparing Different Versions

octoplant serves as an innovative solution in managing and safeguarding PLC systems. It effectively protects vital production data, identifies potential security gaps, and enables detailed comparisons of different versions. A vital part of octoplant is its automated backups, which come with numerous benefits:

Icon disaster recovery
Disaster Recovery

Automated backups facilitate rapid and straightforward system recovery in the event of a failure.

Icon Zuverlässigkeit
Scheduled backups

Automated backups can be scheduled to occur on a regular basis, such as daily, weekly, or monthly, or they can be initiated by setting a specific trigger.

Icon Zeitersparnis
Time-saving benefits

Automated backups save time by offloading manual work from operational technology teams, allowing them to dedicate attention to other important tasks.

Icon Datensicherheit
Data security

For data security, having a recent backup is essential for recovering from a cyber attack.

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Produktion Automotive

Example 2: Managing Highly Complex PLC Programs Effectively

An international automobile manufacturer works with about 20 external service providers for daily deliveries of PLC programs on USBs, which complicates coordination and adds complexity to program monitoring and integration. Ensuring transparency and control over these changes is essential to preserving PLC system stability and security. octoplant provides production managers with complete control, allowing them to closely monitor changes by external providers and make well-informed decisions about incorporating specific changes into the production line.


Diverse Analysis Techniques for Effective Troubleshooting

octoplant simplifies the comparison of different versions and states by offering intuitive change detection and analysis. Its version comparison tool, SmartCompare, is suitable for a wide range of uses:

  • Binary comparison: Identify irregularities and fix errors by comparing Version 1 with Version 2.
  • Text comparison: Analyze program code using text-based code analysis that provides clear insights.
  • Graphical comparison: Intuitive differentiation makes this feature notably efficient.

TOP SPS in Use

octoplant provides a user-friendly platform for managing and securing PLC systems, including well-known brands such as Siemens, Schneider Electric, ABB, and Rockwell Automation. Additionally, octoplant supports a variety of other systems, such as robots, HMI devices, CNC machines, SCADA systems, and workstations.


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