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Resilient Production in Turbulent Times

Learn how industrial manufacturing companies can protect themselves against pandemics, supply chain difficulties and cyber threats. The ePaper Say No To Fatalism in Production – on crises, statistical facts, and the right countermeasures, produced by AUVESY-MDT in cooperation with Statista, offers guidance for decision-making along with the latest statistical facts and study results.

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How Companies Can Protect Themselves Against Perpetual Crises

From pandemics and supply chain difficulties, to economic crisis and cyber threats, there have rarely been so many challenges facing the manufacturing industry. But this shouldn’t be a cause for fatalism in businesses. It’s simply a reason to take the right precautions.

In collaboration with Statista, experts at AUVESY-MDT have gathered together the latest statistics and study results to provide guidance and a basis for decision-making. The ePaper is designed to help manufacturing companies across all industries understand the latest challenges. Because only if you assess the situation with a cool head can you make the right decisions and set an appropriate course.

Did you know, for example, that the average manufacturer’s machines lie idle for 15 hours a week? That’s almost 800 hours a year! Such financial losses are especially significant in today’s tense economic situation.

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Why Prevention is So Crucial

Unplanned production downtime costs $50 billion per year.

The ePaper Provides Assessments of the Following Areas:

  • Why is unplanned downtime such a risk, especially in a crisis, and what technical solutions are there for exploiting potential improvements? And what part does backing up devices and configurations play?
  • To what extent is automated plant data management an appropriate response to the skilled labor shortage? And how can IT solutions provide optimum support for collaboration between teams and contribute to knowledge management?
  • To what degree can material shortages and supply chain difficulties hinder production, and what answers can business intelligence provide?
  • How can you provide sustainable protection for your own OT and production facilities, and why are conventional protection concepts not always enough?

Download the free ePaper Say No To Fatalism in Production now and get answers today.