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Balancing IT and OT: Insights and trends in the webcast with STATISTA

Difficulty navigating interaction between IT and OT in your company to create synergy? If your answer is ‘yes’ to this question, don’t worry. Other companies are also experiencing similar challenges. Together with the data analysis experts from STATISTA, we intend to take a fresh look at the interplay between these two fields.

Join us in our live webcast on August 24, where we’ll discuss the latest challenges and upcoming trends, and give you a firsthand glimpse at our self-assessment tool.


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IT, OT, and the Big Picture

In our webcast, we’ll highlight the significance of the interconnected relationship between IT and operational technology. Even with strong progress, there’s still room for improvement and together we can bridge the gap! A modern production can only be realized through excellent synchronization of IT and OT operations. 

STATISTA Researcher Peter Schmidt-Feneberg and Strategic Account Manager Ryan Schneider dive into the matter live with real-time data. 

Peter Schmidt-Feneberg und Statista Logo

Peter Schmidt-Feneberg

Team Lead Editorial Research


Ryan Schneider

Ryan Schneider

Strategic Account Executive


OT Data Management & Resilience Check

Do you want to find out whether you have a handle on your OT data? Join us for the live debut of our specially developed OT data management & resilience check, showcased in real-time and later shared with all attendees.

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