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TechTip: ServerSync

Did you know that two octoplant servers can communicate with each other?

It may sound surprising, but it is indeed possible for two octoplant servers to communicate with each other. This is made possible by an extremely useful feature called ServerSync, which allows companies with multiple servers to use octoplant in an optimized and efficient environment.

How does it work? The central company server plays a crucial role, as it is through this server that all global configurations can be transferred. This standardizes the administration of the octoplant servers, greatly increasing efficiency and control.

But the benefits of ServerSync go beyond configuration standardization. Each octoplant site can seamlessly transfer its data to the central server. This continuous synchronization provides a full backup every step of the way, which is critical for data security and resiliency.

At a time when data integrity and availability are paramount, ServerSync provides a reliable solution for organizations using octoplant. With ServerSync, organizations can ensure that their data is always protected and easily accessible, regardless of the number of servers involved.

Contact us for more information on ServerSync and more. We look forward to helping you.

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