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SPS Podcast

SPS Podcast: Share knowledge, do good!

In the "5-Minute Automation" podcast (German), renowned industry expert and SPS MAGAZIN editor Kai Binder discusses the topic with our Co-CEO Stefan Jesse: "How can you sleep well and still maintain production?" As the name of the podcast suggests, the conversations are limited to 5 minutes. The twist is that for every second over and above that, €1 will be donated to charity, but there's a catch - discussions can't exceed 10 minutes.

Listeners of "5-Minute Automation" not only learn about the latest trends, technologies and innovations in the world of automation, but also actively contribute to a good cause. This unique podcast creates a win-win situation by sharing knowledge and supporting charitable organisations. At the end of each episode, up to €300 can be donated to charity, all thanks to Kai Binder and his guests' passion for the exciting world of automation.

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Language: German

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