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Backup and Disaster Recovery in automated production now also for Siemens SINUMERIK ONE

Landau i. d. Pfalz and Alpharetta, Georgia (USA), Nanjing (China) May 16, 2023 - The global market and technology leader AUVESY-MDT is expanding its extensive list of automation devices. The octoplant software now creates backups including detailed change detection and change logs in Siemens SINUMERIK ONE, the CNC system for highly productive machine tools.

With octoplant's support of SINUMERIK ONE, we’re opening up significant added value for many users in protecting their production chain, especially in the areas of data security, backup and recovery. This step gives many maintenance and operations managers an immense advantage in managing heterogeneous production facilities.

Stefan Jesse, Co-CEO at AUVESY-MDT

The company thus enables consistent and efficient production processes that are on the one hand easy to monitor and on the other, simple to optimize. This is especially true when devices from different manufacturers are used in the production process. octoplant integrates all common production devices across manufacturers, versioning and managing the project and configuration data of the heterogeneous production environment in a central data archive. With version management, plant operators always have secure and fast access to the currently running program as well as all changes made, so that if necessary, they can restore their production plant as quickly as possible. The supported devices now also include the Siemens SINUMERIK ONE.

To integrate SINUMERIK ONE projects into octoplant, all that is required is to install a plugin. octoplant then saves the project data - even from complex, fragmented production plants - in a data management platform. With easy-to-use dashboards, all data can be evaluated at a glance, forming the basis for a better, safer and faster decision-making processes. The octoplant technology not only protects against internal errors in day-to-day plant operations, but also against the consequences of external cyberattacks, as it enables users to quickly return to their original functional state.

"With the integration of the Siemens SINUMERIK ONE, octoplant software users can now optimally manage and secure existing current generation SIEMENS machine tools in their production environments. With this, we’re once again significantly advancing industrial automation," says Jesse about the newly integrated CNC. "We will continue to integrate widespread solutions from leading automation equipment manufacturers into our software to increase the reliability of production equipment everywhere, prevent production downtime, and significantly increase manufacturing efficiency and cybersecurity."

Franziska Klostermann Head of Marketing AUVESY GmbH

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From now on, octoplant ensures complete data security and consistency for the future-oriented CNC system from Siemens

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