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Novotek Preferred Partner

Partner Program: Novotek is now a Preferred Partner

At the end of February one of our most important partners, the Novotek Group,  became the first to sign the contract for our new partner program.

Thanks to our long-standing and successful cooperation, Novotek gains with this contract officially the status of a “preferred partner”. This includes  priority rights to all sales activities in its territory as well as benefits from additional training, support and provision of marketing materials.

For 30 years, Novotek has been providing industrial IT and automation solutions based on standard products and components with a focus on manufacturing. Whith their headquarters located in Malmö, Novotek also operates in the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Switzerland, UK & Ireland.

The signing of this agreement not only marks a milestone in our partnership, but also solidifies our shared vision of an innovative future. We consider Novotek to be an indispensable part of the octoplant community, embodying our values and mission at the highest level.