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Security is our top priority: Rapid response to critical vulnerability

In a recent incident, a vulnerability was discovered in the libcurl library, which is used in our products octoplant and versiondog. At AUVESY-MDT, the security of our customers is of paramount importance and we have taken immediate action to address this issue.

Security is of paramount importance and this is reflected in our rapid response to this threat. Thanks to our comprehensive security standards, we were able to quickly develop a hotfix for octoplant and versiondog. With this hotfix, we have replaced the affected libcurl library with the latest secure version. AutoSave is not affected by this vulnerability and remains unchanged.

The hotfix is now available for download in the personal portal. We strongly recommend that all users apply this update as soon as possible to ensure the security of their systems. Please log in to your account and follow the instructions to download and install the hotfix.

The release information can be found here:

octoplant release information      versiondog release information

If you require any assistance or further information regarding the update, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support team.