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Lord Mayor pays visit to Landau’s “hidden champion”

Lord Mayor Dr. Dominik Geißler learns more about the success of AUVESY-MDT

Landau in der Pfalz, 24.05.2023 – Lord Mayor Dr. Dominik Geißler pays a visit to AUVESY-MDT and gets a first-hand impression of the local software company, which he describes as the “hidden champion” of Landau, as well as its history, and growth.

[Translate to English:] Oberbürgermeister Landau zu Besuch bei AUVESY-MDT

Since taking office at the beginning of this year, one of Lord Mayor Dr. Dominik Geißler’s aims has been to strengthen Landau’s economy. For this reason, Dr. Geißler made the decision to pay a personal visit to several select companies. Upon his visit to AUVESY-MDT’s local office in Landau, Geisßler was impressed by the software company’s growth and international success.

Dr.-Ing. Tim Weckerle, Co-CEO of AUVESY-MDT, welcomed the interest of the newly elected Lord Mayor and praised his commitment to strengthen the significant growth of the regional economy substantially. “While we are primarily known as an attractive employer in Landau and in the surrounding region, we are also trusted by more than 2.500 customers as a strong partner who keeps automated production running reliably thanks to our version control and backup solutions. CFO Jochen Schütte was also able to demonstrate the course of the company’s success in concrete terms and figures: “With approximately 150 employees and more than 24 million euros in consolidated sales, we have grown significantly, both nationally and internationally, in recent years.” The company’s success story is just beginning. In addition to its headquarters in Landau, AUVESY-MDT also has subsidiaries in the US and China, and suppliers in more than 80 countries.

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