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AUVESY and MDT Software join forces to create AUVESY-MDT

AUVESY-MDT moving forward as one brand and with a joint product roadmap for the future

Alpharetta, Georgia, USA; Landau, Germany and London, United Kingdom – 11th January 2022 AUVESY GmbH and MDT Software, Inc. today announce the creation of AUVESY-MDT, a leader in industrial automation software.

Hg, a leading software and services investor, invested in both AUVESY and MDT Software earlier in 2021. Recognising the high quality and complementary solutions provided by both companies, AUVESY and MDT Software have come together, positioning the business as a global leader to support the industrial sector’s rapid digitalization.

From today, AUVESY-MDT moves forward with a joint product roadmap and under one brand. AUVESY-MDT now serves more than 2,500 leading manufacturers across more than 50 countries. The companies’ Never Stand Still mission is to ensure that customers around the world experience less down time in their production.

Combining AUVESY and MDT Software brings together 47 years of expertise and experience in industrial automation, complementary geographic coverage in Europe and North America, and aligns distribution efforts to deliver high-quality solutions to an even larger number of customers. The combination will also enable AUVESY-MDT to leverage future product investments and accelerate innovations, combining features and device libraries and the transition to a subscription model.


Portraitaufnahme von Tim Weckerle

Today’s announcement signals the best of both worlds for our employees, our customers and our future. We decided on a name that would stay true to the trust and heritage that has been hard-earned by both businesses over the last few decades. This hard work has led us to each other, at an inflection point of growth in our industry. To fully reach our potential and serve this demand, we have put together the very best that the industry has to offer.

Dr. Tim Weckerle, CEO at AUVESY-MDT
Gary Gillespie President of Americas of AUVESY-MDT

Together the AUVESY-MDT combination will further improve our products and customer service to make digitalization easier for our customers, while reducing downtime, aiding in compliance and reducing cyber risk. We’re truly excited about what this means for all of our futures.

Gary Gillespie, President of Americas at AUVESY-MDT

Both businesses are pioneers of industrial version control software and have built very strong businesses in Europe and North America. Together AUVESY-MDT forms an exceptional business, bringing together a truly talented team, enabling better solutions to customers whilst driving innovation and adoption across two continents.

Benedikt Joeris, Director at Hg
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