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Vulnerability Management

For AUVESY-MDT, security has always been paramount- this applies to both our customer’s data as well as to our software.

How to report vulnerabilities!

AUVESY-MDT Vulnerability Management Policy

We have a dedicated team of internal security experts constantly working on testing and improving our products. Because many watchful eyes are able to spot more, we also rely on external feedback to ensure product security is maintained at the highest level. In addition to a close strategic partnership with recognized security experts, we rely especially on feedback from our partners and customers. Help us identify any potential weak spot so we can seal them off!

How to report a weak spot:

  • Please send your message in English or German.
  • In order to process your notification quickly and efficiently, please send us a proof of concept as well as a detailed description.
  • When things are unclear, direct communication from our audience helps us! Providing your name and contact information remains of course voluntary - anonymous reports are also possible.
  • Please give us time to develop and roll out any appropriate measures (responsible disclosure).