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AUVESY-MDT donates 10,000 euros for innovative lighting concept in intensive care unit

"We  had  an  excellent  fiscal  year  in  2022  and  would  like  to  give  something  back,"  said  Dr.-Ing.  Tim Weckerle, CEO of software manufacturer AUVESY-MDT (center), whilst presenting the donation to the St. Marien hospital in Ludwigshafen. "It is important for our company to take on social responsibility in the region and to advocate for those in need." With a donation of 10,000 euros, the Landau-based company is supporting to provide innovative equipment for the new intensive care unit planned at St. Marien. A special lighting concept will be installed here to help patients with their sleep-wake rhythm as well as other issues.

What may sound so simple has a serious role. After all, orientation and disorientation play a major role in the treatment of people requiring intensive care treatment. The effect of the lighting supports treatment, especially for people, who are in need of intensive care or are confused. Patients should be stimulated or calmed at natural times. "With the help of a special lighting installation and a circadian lighting pattern, the situation for our critically ill patients can be significantly improved," emphasizes Kai Riehm, intensive care unit ward manager at St. Marien, who has been working diligently on the project.

Scientific studies have confirmed potential improvements. Sedatives can be reduced, day and night rhythms maintained, and phases of activity and rest positively influenced. As a result, delirium, disorders of consciousness, that often occur as secondary conditions during a stay in an intensive care unit, complicate as well as delay the healing process, are significantly reduced and severe cases are alleviated. "Bare ceilings, cold lighting sources and the technology required in monitoring and treatment have an unsettling effect on patients, causing anxiety and disrupting their natural rhythm. We want to change that", says Riehm.

"We are very grateful that AUVESY-MDT supports us in these difficult times. Improving the situation for our patients, who find themselves suffering from acute and intensive illnesses, is an issue close to our hearts. Thanks to their donation, the company has made it possible for us to care for our intensive care patients even better," said Rita Schwahn expressing her thanks. The clinic’s fundraising officer used the on-site visit to show the entrepreneur the progress of the new building next to St. Marien’s Hospital. Following the relocation of the pediatric clinic, operating room and palliative care unit to the new building, a new intensive care unit is also being built. Financing for construction and basic equipment has been secured.

St. Marien and St. Annastift hospital is dependent on financial support for this innovative lighting concept. The additional cost per intensive care unit is 20,000 euros. In order for all patients in the new intensive care unit to benefit from this technology, a total sum of around 450,000 euros will be required. This is where donations, like the one from AUVESY-MDT in Landau, are a massive help. "We are happy to be able to support the clinic here," emphasizes Managing Director Dr.-Ing. Tim Weckerle. Until now, only very large hospitals such as the Helios University Hospital in Wuppertal and the Charité University Hospital in Berlin have also been working with this pioneering concept. The team from St. Marien's hospital hopes that implementing the use of this technology in Ludwigshafen will provide an additional important boost for its wider use.

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