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5,000 euros towards efforts to combat poverty among the elderly

AUVESY-MDT donates to LichtBlick senior citizens' aid program

"We are very pleased to help support LichtBlick's commitment to seniors in need," said Oliver Gronau, Group CCO of AUVESY-MDT, at the donation presentation. "The commitment of Seniorenhilfe enables people to live a dignified life and participate in society whose pensions would otherwise not be enough for the bare necessities." AUVESY-MDT is donating 5,000 euros to the registered association, which has been helping and advocating for seniors in need since 2003.

"Old-age poverty also affects people who have worked hard all their lives," said Gronau emphasizing the far-reaching relevance of the association's work. "As an economically successful company, we want to provide targeted support. LichtBlick's valuable work is a wonderful example of how help can reach targeted groups in need.

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