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MDT Software

Where it all started over 30 years ago...



MDT Software History

The History of MDT Software

In 1987, MDT Software was founded. In 1988, MDT Software invented Change Management and Programmable Device Support (PDS) software, called MDT AutoSave. In fact, the inventor of the software is still an employee of the company. For many years, MDT Software was the only company that focused solely on change management software solutions for the industrial marketplace, since we did not develop PLC, SCADA or DCS products. This independence has always been a major strength as it has enabled us to address our customers' change management needs objectively.

In 1989, MDT Software installed the first comprehensive change management system to manage the automated manufacturing software environment in an automotive plant. In the beginning, automotive and food manufacturers were the primary users of MDT AutoSave. Since then, MDT AutoSave has expanded to thousands of plants, around the world, across the following industries: automotive, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and life sciences, oil and gas, mining and metals, water and wastewater, energy, consumer goods and more.

MDT AutoSave customers

Today, MDT AutoSave is used by major manufacturers and utilities such as: Chrysler, Proctor & Gamble, General Mills, Mars Foods, GlaxoSmithKline, Abbott Nutrition, Honda, South West Water, Johnson and Johnson, Rio Tinto, Chevron, Under Armour, 3M, ArcelorMittal, The Water Corporation of Australia, Coca Cola and many more.

A significant step in the history of MDT Software occurred in January 2022. MDT Software joined with the AUVESY, the only other leader in industrial change management software. Together, we serve more than 2,500 leading manufacturers, across more than 50 countries. The AUVESY-MDT combination will further improve our products and customer service to make digitalization easier for our customers, while reducing downtime, aiding in compliance, and reducing cyber risk.