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Michael Grollmus

Michael Grollmus

CEO, Grollmus GmbH

Michael Grollmus is an experienced professional in industrial automation technology with 15 years of expertise. He specializes in safety controls and has been engaged in the field of cybersecurity for the past 8 years. Michael provides advisory services to various entities, including the German Bundeswehr, and has participated in the world's largest live fire exercise organized by NATO. Additionally, he holds the position of CEO at Grollmus GmbH, a company specializing in training and software solutions for industrial automation technology.


No industrial security without asset management

Industrial security expert Michael Grollmus talks about why asset management is the fundament of industrial security. He gives an overview of the factory structure, the importance of firmware updates and sources of information about possible security vulnerabilities. After his presentation, you will realize that you may not have all your devices in mind right away.