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White paper: Using audits and data management to increase quality in automated production

This white paper explores how you can utilize audits to your benefit, uncover deficiencies in quality, highlight potential risks in production, and use the results to implement improvements to processes.

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Titel Whitepaper AUdits

Understand and master the requirements and procedures related to process audits

When it comes to the everyday operations of manufacturing companies, audits are an important step for obtaining essential certifications and are a valuable tool for quality management. They are often the key to achieving greater efficiency, standardizing processes, as well as a measure of success regarding progress that has been made. Even so, the question still remains how those in positions of responsibility can ensure optimal preparation for production audits and increase the likelihood of a successful audit outcome. Our white paper provides leaders in automated production environments with the appropriate answers they need.

Get a glimpse into the procedures and prerequisites of a process audit for production, discover the most important steps, and learn how all of this helps managers to leverage the potential for quality and efficiency improvements by extracting the maximum value from the preparation and post-audit stages. You will also gain insights into the tasks and responsibilities of quality management and expand your understanding of how decision-makers can use intelligent data management to sustain advances and standards in production in the form of documentation and defined processes.

In our white paper, you can find answers to the following questions:

  • How can every audit and the documentation that follows be used to increase the quality of automated production and customer satisfaction?
  • How to correctly prepare for an audit: which documentation, numbers, and information are required at the forefront of an audit?
  • How does an audit proceed? Which company members are required and involved? 
  • What steps should managers carry out during the audit follow-up to effectively incorporate the results of the audit into production and everyday processes?
  • How does a data management system help to maintain the necessary documents centrally and securely for audits, and demonstrate the quality development or production processes?

Download our free white paper AUDITS in automated production today and discover the best approach for managing audits.