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Mobile data management

Change management in your pocket. Keep tabs on your control programs with the versiondog MobileApp.

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Everything at a glance - direct from your mobile device

The digitalization of production continues apace. As part of our mission to maintain clarity, AUVESY is developing a solution that helps you more easily track changes to control programs by accessing the versiondog system directly from your smartphone or tablet.

The main features of the upcoming versiondog MobileApp:

Mobile devices

Available for Android and iOS, the MobileApp will be highly intuitive to use, with the same familiar look and feel as Factory Floor Status.

Smart search

Quickly find what you are looking for using the same filter and search functions as Factory Floor Status.

Integrated QR code reader

Scan a QR code on a controller, robot or other device and you can immediately view the status of its programming project on your mobile device.


Use SmartCompare to clearly display differences in a tree view, e.g. differences between the server version and a backup.


Where further action is required, share information directly with co-workers via your company portal, email or messaging services such as WhatsApp.


The mobile app uses SSL encryption* to keep your data secure at all times.

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This new app will support our customers as they continue the process of digitalisation and move further down the road to the Industrial IoT - It is now possible to keep a watchful eye on project development from anywhere and at any time of day or night. That will help keep production running continuously and at the same time increase efficiency.

Dr. Tim Weckerle, Managing Director 
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Everything at a glance - direct from your mobile device

First there was the successful versiondog Factory Floor Status; coming soon is the versiondog MobileApp. View important production facility information on your mobile device. See graphic comparisons of project versions and more. With the versiondog MobileApp you can clearly see what has changed. And you can see it on your smartphone or tablet without the need for additional software or editors. Geographically-independent and device-independent data availability gives you much more flexibility.

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If there’s anything at all you want to know about change management, version control, documentation or automatic backups with versiondog, then we will be delighted to help!