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Use change management to increase security

More automated systems than ever are now being connected to the Internet. The obvious downside is that the door is slowly being opened to hackers. There are many sources of risk, from external devices to a company's own employees. Intelligent application of change management can be used to provide not only backups, but also the ability to detect unauthorised changes. Don't miss out on this valuable contribution to your cybersecurity strategy.

More than 2,500 companies benefit from our solutions

Shorter stoppages

Centralised data storage

Organisational continuity across multiple shifts

Fast disaster recovery

Detection of hacker activity

Less risk, less stress, less cost - more safety!

Discover how to automatically inventory all your OT assets, combined with detailed risk rating and vulnerability information. Gaps in your disaster recovery strategy can be quickly and easily eliminated, for more cybersecurity of your OT ecosystem.

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The cornerstones of effective change management

Automatic backup with versiondog for maintenance departments

Run regular backups automatically

  • Scheduled backups
  • Statistics and reports
  • Centralised data storage


versiondog detailed comparison of versions

Track changes

Increase certainty, safety and security thanks to:

  • The ability to generate change records quickly and easily (for audits, etc.)
  • The fulfilment of all legal and regulatory requirements
  • Detection of cyberattacks and hacker manipulation
AUVESY versiondog documentation

Document changes

  • WHO made the change?
  • WHAT was changed?
  • WHEN was the change made?
  • WHY was the change made?
versiondog BackupClient: Management of non-networked devices for maintenance departments

Be ready for fast disaster recovery

Safeguard your device programs with a complete sequence of versions – prevent lost time and uncertainty in the event of undesired changes, device failure, sabotage or human error.

Infographic on manufacturer independent versiondog for all automation systems

Use one manufacturer-independent system for all devices

versiondog is the manufacturer-independent solution for dependable version control and data management of the control programs of PLCs, CNCs, SCADA systems, HMIs, drives and robots.

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