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Video Teaser versiondog Release 8.5

Release versiondog Version 8.5

versiondog version 8.5 is ready for release and available in the customer area on


What is new in versiondog 8.5 ?

  • Siemens TIA Portal: optimization of station uploads       
  • Siemens TIA Portal Upload: exclusion of SCL sources from comparison
  • Optimized registration of domain users for transitive trust positions      
  • JSON files: new component type with comparator
  • Jobs: email notification contains summary of job results
  • Check-In and Check-Out: optional email notifications    
  • AVEVA System Platform: upload via "Galaxy Backup Utility"
  • Agents: optimized identification when multiple agents are in use that have the same IP addresses
  • UserClient: start versiondog from a web link

versiondog offers the highest possible security, only if you are using the latest version.

The complete list of all new features and updates can be found online on versiondog INFO under “What's new”.

If you have any technical questions, our support team will be delighted to help (Tel: +49 6341 6810 330).

Do you worry before carrying out updates if everything will still work as before? Or you habe no time to carry out an update?

Then our AUVESY Update Service is right for you!